Halo Hair Extensions

Did you know, clip in hair extensions can put a lot of pressure on your scalp & damage your roots over time? You may want long, incredible hair but why sacrifice the health of your natural hair? That’s why we have these Halo Hair Extensions that only use a single wire to stay put in your hair! Simply place it on like a headband & pull the hair on the top of your head over the wire – then voila, your hair extensions are in place! Click this pin to get yours!
Did you know... Clip in hair extensions can cause a lot of pressure on your scalp and damage your hair roots over time? That’s why we have these Halo Hair Extensions that use nothing but a single wire to stay put in your hair! Easier to apply than regular hair extensions No damage to your natural hair Can be removed in seconds No teasing needed Works great for even the thinnest hair types as there’s no hair to grip Comes in 9 natural colours 20 inches long (105g worth of synthetic hair) Want to know more about our extensions? FAQ Can I curl, straighten or blow dry your extensions? Our extensions are made from synthetic hair so using a high heat can melt the strands, so we don’t recommend it. But, if you really want to, you can use heatless methods to curl your extensions or use a very low heat to style it. Can I dye your extensions? You can dye our extensions darker but you can’t bleach them because it can make the individual hairs frizzy and easy to break off. What are they made out of? Our Halo Hair Extensions are made from high quality synthetic hair! That means they look and feel incredibly natural, but are a lot easier to take care of. Will they stay in my hair? Yep, they will! You might be cautious because it is just a single wire but the weight of the extensions will help keep it put, as well as your natural hair tucking in the wire. But if you want to be extra sure, you can wear your hair in a half up, half down style and use extra bobby pins to make sure the wire is secure. Got a question of your own? Click here to contact us on live chat.