Ceramic Stele turquoise Flower Bud 6 piece

Keramikstele türkise Blütenknospe 6teilig | Etsy
Frost-resistant Ceramic Stele Flower Bud 6 piece in turquoise and Blue tones, 30 cm high Beautiful Ceramic Stele with a Flower Bud in turquoise As Lace and Elements in blue and Turquoise tones. The ceramic elements have all been hand-modeled and designed, an eye-catcher in the garden. It is a wonderful gift for all garden fans. Frostfest burned, the stele can also enrich the garden in winter. Size: 30 cm tall, Diameter 6 cm Material: Stoneware clay white, silk matte turquoise and blue glaze, manganese spinel, Burned frost-resistant at 1240degrees The ceramic parts can be placed on an iron rod with a diameter of 8 mm, the rod is not included. A collar for assembly is supplied by me. Decorative items are not included. *** ANDERE TOLLE GESCHENKE IN SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/dieKunstwerkstatt